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This is why you should definitely attend HOPweek!

On the 19th of August HOPweek will start again. HOPweek is the official orientation programme of Leiden University The Hague Campus. New Bachelors and Masters students are invited to kick of the academic year and get to know fellow students. Read on to discover why you should definitely participate in HOPweek!

Make friends during fun activities

From my own experience, I can recommend to attend any introduction week. It gives you the opportunity to meet fellow students and get to know one another. On the first day you’ll be assigned to a small group with an own pair of mentors. This way you’re able to make friends outside of your specific study and keep in touch as the academic year starts. With your group you’ll participate in lots of fun and interesting activities. This is why you will remember HOPweek for the rest of your life!

When I attended HOPweek we had the most hilarious experience on the mechanical bull of Rabobank (which was actually a rodeo debit card). You had to stand on the debit card and answer questions about finances. For every wrong answer the rodeo debit card got harder to balance on. So you can probably imagine that not many of us lasted more than a minute ;). Another great advantage is that you get lots of information during the activities that you can benefit from. At the Rabobank rodeo, for example, I got valuable information about the Studentenrekening. This bank account gives me many advantages as a student where I still benefit from. Rabobank will be present on the 20th of August with the rodeo and two advisors to answer all your questions!

Explore The Hague

Throughout the week we were given a lot of time to explore the city with our mentors or by ourselves. Luckily, one of our mentors had lived in The Hague his whole life. Through his extended expertise of the city, we got to know the best places of The Hague. We visited the Binnenhof, walked through authentic streets just outside the city centre and knew where to grab a beer at night. Because my group bonded so well, we also explored The Hague together. We often enjoyed drinks at the Grote Markt or Plein, which are both filled with casual bars and pubs. We also went to the famous Simonis fish restaurant where we ate a Dutch speciality: fresh herring! Although I love herring, others of us did not enjoy it just as much.

Another great experience was to visit the Scheveningen beach. With great weather and good music, the day couldn’t have been better with my new friends. Although I came out HOPweek tired and a little hungry, it was definitely a great experience to start this new adventure. So if you want to enjoy a great week and start the academic year with familiar faces around you, make sure to attend HOPweek this year!

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