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Join Internations in The Hague!

Are you an expat in The Hague looking for the perfect platform to meet and socialize with other international professionals? Then perhaps Internations will be the right place for you!

Making expat life a great experience

The purpose of Internations is to create a trusted community where expats can feel at home wherever they go around the world. It is a platform where international people can come together to meet and exchange information. As the largest international community for people living and working abroad, Internations offers its members global networking opportunities, access to local events and information on other expat-related activities. Internations helps facilitate the process of moving to a new city. 

Connect with international people in The Hague

If you live in The Hague, Internations has a separate community for all like-minded expatriates residing in the city. By creating an Internations account online, you can join the virtual community, connect with expats and keep informed on all activities in The Hague. Members can also join groups that are tailored to their specific hobbies (such as language exchanges, cooking and cultural excursions). Once you create an account online, you have the possibility to join your preferred group and keep updated on all relevant events.

A few months ago, I created my own online account to learn more about the club. I was very pleased with the variety of events I found online. One of the first ones I attended, was a White Cocktail Party in The Hague. During the party, we were requested to come dressed in white clothing. Although I was initially nervous about being new, the people were all very welcoming and I quickly integrated into the group. It was a great way to start my experience with Internations. 

Make your own Internations account!

To learn more about Internations and its different offers in The Hague, I recommend you to make an online account and navigate through the various clubs and events. Creating a general account is free of charge and easy: so do not hesitate to try it!

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