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Italy today

Ministerie Buitenlandse Zaken en Leiden University – Wijnhaven, Turfmarkt 99 , Den Haag


Free entry and free lunch. Please register. The convention on “Italy Today” is commissioned by the Dutch Ministry for Foreign affairs, and is organized by the Department of Italian Studies of Leiden University. The idea of this meeting is to provide an overview of the current political and socio-economic situation of Italy nowadays, starting from a set of urgent issues and canonical narratives which the country is associated with and bring them to the table for discussion. Is the brain drain amongst unemployed youngsters still going on? What about the everlasting differences between North and South? How is Italy contributing to Europe’s migration management? Can we speak about the Rise (and failure) of populism? These extremely delicate issues will be framed and nuanced by professionals and specialists in the field. The convention will consist of a morning session with a series of four short presentations (15-20 minutes each), divided into two panels (on “politics” and on “migrations”).

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